Can Smoking Damage Your Hearing?

Most people know that cigarette smoking carries a myriad of health risks. But did you know that cigarette smoke can also damage your hearing? If you’re a smoker – or live with someone who smokes – chances are your hearing is at risk. Smoking affects your hearing health in a variety of ways: Cigarettes contain

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Hearing – An Important Key to Your World

It is easy to take the gift of hearing for granted. Hearing supports connections to the world and people around us. Good hearing supports confidence at work and with family, and it helps people engage in the joys of living. Since we often pay little attention to the cacophony of background sounds of daily living,

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Accepting Your Hearing Loss

Even though hearing loss is the 3rd most common health issue for Americans, some people initially delay seeking a solution because they still reject the notion that they have a hearing deficit. Their negative psychological reactions upon receiving a formal diagnosis may include: Denial. If your hearing has declined gradually, you may have trouble believing

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