Can you believe it’s already May? Where has the year gone? Better Hearing Month has been celebrated across America each May since 1927. It aims to raise awareness about hearing loss and treatments and promotes high quality hearing health. Treating hearing loss can dramatically improve life quality not only for persons with hearing difficulties, but also for those with whom they interact. Remember – when someone in the family has a hearing problem, the whole family suffers from a hearing problem!

Especially during May, it is recommended that you consider you own hearing status to find out if you may be one of more than 48 million Americans with a hearing loss that can be treated.

You may have hearing loss if you:

  • Frequently ask people to repeat themselves
  • Turn your ear toward sounds to hear better
  • Understand someone better when you see their face
  • Have difficulty participating in group conversations
  • Have difficulty understanding speech in the presences of background noise
  • Keep you radio or TV volume at a level that others say is too loud

If any of the above describes you, now is a perfect time to schedule an appointment to receive a diagnostic hearing evaluation by a Doctor of Audiology. Audiologists are the professionals who specialize in preventing, identifying, assessing, and treating hearing disorders. They can prescribe hearing aids and they can teach people with hearing loss how to concentrate on hearing all sounds.

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