Bluetooth compatibility – no strings attached!

Wireless Connectivity

Wouldn’t it be great if you could talk on your cell phone in the car hands free? What about watch TV at a volume that is comfortable for you and your family without getting into an argument that the TV is too loud? How about talk on your cell phone without having to activate your speaker or switch ears? These are all benefits that you can gain with wireless technology in your hearing aids. Wireless technology allows you direct access to everything you need to hear without the extra hassle. The computer chip inside your hearing aids does all of the work so you don’t have to. All you have to do is activate your Bluetooth device and pair it with your hearing aids.

In the Car

Do you have difficulty talking on your cell phone in the car? Most people with hearing loss do. Hearing aids with Bluetooth compatibility can make your cell phone conversations much easier. Bluetooth compatibility allows our staff to connect your cell phone to your hearing aids so that they will directly stream your conversations right into your ears. Not only will you no longer have to drive with one hand to speak on the phone, you will also be able to hear conversations at a volume that is clear and comfortable for you.

Watching TV

Is watching television with your family frustrating? Does your spouse or child often ask you to turn the volume down? Your hearing loss makes it difficult for you to understand the television at the same level as your family. Bluetooth compatibility in your hearing aids allows you to adjust your television to a volume that is comfortable to you without disturbing your family making “TV time” much more enjoyable for all of you.

Mobile Devices (iPads, Smart Phones, iPods, radio, MP3 players, etc.)

Do you have a hard time listening to music through headphones with your hearing aids? Wireless Bluetooth technology makes listening to music much simpler – no headphones needed! You can connect your Bluetooth compatible device to your hearing aids so that you can directly stream your music from your device, straight into your ears. Now you can throw away the old head set and take full advantage of the Bluetooth technology within your hearing aids!

Ear-to-Ear Feature

Do you remember how your grandparents had to constantly adjust their hearing aids individually and how they just could not seem to get the volume on one hearing aid to be equal to the other hearing aid? The modern “Ear-to-Ear” feature in your hearing aids makes volume adjustments much easier. You no longer have to adjust both hearing aids in order to increase the volume. Now, you simply adjust one!

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