I feel at home everywhere because my hearing aids let me hear everything!

Hearing Aid Supplies

Cleaning brushes  At your hearing aid fitting appointment, you will receive a cleaning brush for your hearing aids. This tool typically contains a brush at one end and a metal loop at the other end. The brush may be used to clean the earmold or dome, depending on what style of hearing aid you have. The metal loop can be used to clean larger amounts of earwax off of your aid, earmold, or dome.

Wax Filters/Guards  Your hearing aids may contain wax filters or wax traps to prevent ear wax from clogging the hearing aid vents. These are changeable and should be changed approximately every 3 to 6 months or sooner depending on how much earwax you produce. If your hearing aid suddenly sounds quieter or doesn’t produce any sound, a clogged wax filter may be the culprit. If that’s the case, it’s a quick and easy fix. Our staff will demonstrate how to change your wax filters.

Domes  Your hearing aids may have domes instead of earmolds. Domes are the clear plastic inserts that are placed on the tip of the receiver for Receiver-in-the-Ear (RIC) style hearing aid. Because the dome is placed inside of the ear canal, it may easily get clogged with ear wax, and may require frequent changing. Our staff will demonstrate how to change your domes and recommend how often they should be changed. Should you be running low on extra domes, contact us at 907.789.6780 to get more.

Hearing Aid Batteries

Hearing aid batteries are standardized with number and color codes to make it easy to find what you need.

Size 10 = Yellow
Size 13 = Orange
Size 312 = Brown
Size 675 = Blue

We sell PowerOne batteries that are ordered directly from the manufacturer to ensure the freshest, longest lasting batteries possible. All of our batteries come in packages of 6 and packages of 60. We also carry rechargeable hearing aid batteries and charging units.

Our staff are happy to help you whenever it’s time for you to purchase hearing batteries. Just ask!

We’ll help you get the most out of your hearing aid batteries.

Hearing Aid Accessories

You just got fitted for a hearing aid and you can’t wait to hear all the sounds you’ve been missing. Then you find out there’s a list of hearing accessories that you may also need. Don’t worry, there is some maintenance involved with caring for your hearing device, but as you’ll see from the list below, upkeep is not costly or complicated.

  • Streamers – There are a variety of devices that allow for real time streaming of audio from peripheral devices. These devices can include cell phones, TVs, MP3 players, computers and other electronic devices that contain bluetooth technology or offer an audio out/mic jack.
  • Ear Wax Remover – For people that produce a lot of wax there is a solution available that assists in dissolving the wax.
  • EarGene – This is a soothing and refreshing ear lotion that can be utilized for ear hygiene and itching ears.
  • Hearing Aid Dehumidifier (also known as a “duck”) – Moisture can cause damage to the sensitive workings of a hearing aid. A dehumidifier is recommended for people who live in humid regions or must expose their hearing devices to excessive moisture. Some dehumidifiers also sanitize the hearing aid as it dries.
  • Assistive Listening Devices – These devices are meant to be used either with or without hearing aids, depending on your hearing needs. These devices can help make conversations clearer and more understandable in difficult listening environments. More information can be found on our assistive listening device page.

These accessories can help improve your hearing and make life with hearing loss easier. For your convenience, most of the basic hearing accessories you need can typically be purchased through our office.