The right assistive listening device helps you listen and live with confidence.

Assistive Listening Devices

So you know you have difficulty hearing in certain settings. You’ve already purchased hearing aids, and they work, but you just need a little more volume when talking on the phone. Or maybe your visitors are complaining because you never come to the door, and you’re too embarrassed to tell them that you still have difficulty hearing the doorbell ring. You have options for help.

You should consider an assistive listening device. Assistive listening devices serve a variety of functions to help you hear better in multiple lifestyle situations. These devices are meant to be used either with or without hearing aids depending on your hearing needs. Whether at the dinner table, in a crowded restaurant, in a movie theater, or at work, an assistive listening device will help to improve the way you communicate. These devices can help make conversations clearer and more understandable in difficult listening environments.

FM System

An FM device is like a miniature radio. It consists of a transmitter device used by the speaker and a receiver device which you use to amplify sound. Typically, you will wear headphones or inserts to hear what is being said, but if you wear hearing aids, the receiver will transmit sound directly to your hearing aids without you having to use headphones. FM systems are very useful particularly in classroom settings, meetings, and public facilities. You can bring your FM System just about anywhere and enjoy communicating without straining to hear what is being said. Consult with us today to find the perfect FM Device options for you!

Amplifier Phones and Caption Phones

Amplifier phones are special phones that amplify phone conversations so that they are audible to you. Caption phones are special phones that translate phone conversations into text so that you can follow the conversation easily by reading what is being said. Both of these come in a variety of styles and colors. You should ask us about Amplifier and Caption phone options today!

Alerting Devices

Alerting devices are particularly useful because they utilize both your visual and auditory system to alert you of a particular event. These can be clocks and wake up alarm systems, vibrating pages, doorbell, telephone, or fire alert signalers.

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