For most of us, purchasing hearing aids is a significant investment. However, with proper use and care, your investment will provide you with years of good hearing.

Hearing aid users should make it a habit to:

  • Clean hearing aids as instructed. Earwax and ear drainage can damage a hearing aid.
  • Have your hearing aids professionally cleaned by your Audiologist at least once a year.
  • Do not shower or swim with your hearing aids on.
  • Keep hearing aids away from heat and moisture.
  • Avoid using hairspray or other hair care products while wearing hearing aids.
  • Do not wear your hearing aids while sleeping.
  • If recommended for your type of hearing aids, put them in a hearing aid dryer at night to help fight moisture.
  • Turn off hearing aids when they are not in use.
  • Handle batteries with clean, dry hands.
  • After activating a new battery (removing the sticker) wait 2 minutes before putting it into your hearing aid. This allows time for it to fully active and can help maximize its power.
  • Replace dead batteries immediately to avoid possible battery corrosion.
  • Keep replacement batteries and small aids away from children and pets.

In this day and age, there is no reason to be unnecessarily hampered by problems related to hearing loss. If you meet the problem head on, your family and co-workers be appreciative and your brain will feel less “strained” too!