Northland Audiology & Hearing Services is not an in-network provider. However, because the nearest in-network Audiologist is more than 500 miles away from Southeast Alaska, insurance plans will cover services at an in-network rate.

Testing: Services performed during your diagnostic hearing evaluation will be billed to the medical portion of your insurance plan. If you call your insurance to see if they cover our services, make sure you ask if diagnostic hearing evaluations are covered. Many plans do not cover routine hearing exams but do cover diagnostic hearing evaluations.

Hearing Aids: Should you decide to obtain hearing aids, the hearing aids, fitting services and any accessories you’d like to purchase will be bill to the hearing hardware portion of your insurance plan. Hearing hardware coverage is often an elected coverage, similar to dental and vision. If you call your insurance to check your benefits coverage, make sure you ask for hearing hardware coverage.

If you’d like our staff to call your insurance on your behalf to find your benefits, please let us know. Call us at 907.789.6780, we’re happy to help!